A great project where I was tasked with attending a UX Design Thinking exercise with the IBM iX team and their client Bristol Waste. The objective of the days workshop was to UX different tech solutions to Bristol Wastes day to day running of their business. I then had the rest of the week to create click through prototypes of a possible business system solution, using Sketch and InVision.
The solution had to cover multiple users from in-house control, to on the street crews. This meant that the use of smartphones was key. GPS & maps enabling efficient route plannings. Touch check-in authentication to manage contractors time. Phone camera for agents to add ad hoc jobs and network to access the system. All data would be updated in real time and jobs could be managed more efficiently.
Over the course of the day workshop the IBM UX team created multiple exercises & scenarios to be explored. A full spread of the Bristol Waste staff were taking part for us to gain a complete picture of the business from all angles. Owner, managers, controllers, and street crew personnel all attended.
Overall it was a great exercise in UX and design. IBM’s Design Thinking workshops are a fantastic way to for businesses to explore how technology can streamline and simplify complex business processes. The IBM iX team are all experts in the field.