EE mobile were releasing a new multiple devices account for families to manage their mobiles. We built a fun quiz to bring this new mobile contract option to life. Would you share? Your toothbrush? Movie popcorn? Your tablet? Each of the relevant brands would host this stand alone website with their own relevant questions and a brand specific prize offered. It was an extremely successful campaign with EE reporting an increase in shared contracts after our activity ran.
From a technology point of view we built the website responsive to work across all devices. Further more we incorporated a JMPress javascript library which gave the quiz a sense of depth, creating a 3D environment. The EE dots and questions vanishing into the distance after being completed. I was lead designer on the campaign and worked closely with our developers to deliver the final product.
At the end of the campaign we ran a results phase which simply displayed the findings from the quiz and gave the users another chance of winning a prize.